a mobile mock up of food app

Sprightly Salads

Mobile App

UX/UI Case Study

About Sprightly Salads

Sprightly Salads is a healthy fast food restaurant. They make fresh custom pre-made salads, salad bowls & wraps. With others options like blended healthy smoothies and desserts for those who have a sweet tooth.

Project involvement

Role: UX designer, researcher

Tools: Miro, Adobe XD

Timeline: 4 Weeks

How might we make sure the

ordering process is simple & intuitive

By making the layout simple. Using steps and proper use of page titles and creating quick ordering options.

Project Process



We explore questions with how might we? questions

about making the order and picking up process easier for customers.

Then ideated using the starbursting method asking around how the

user may navigate and find information while using the app

for a smoother experience.



We sketched out possible screen concepts.

Following the task flow our target audience

when placing an order through the app.


Prototyping and peer review

The sketches were imported into Adobe XD,

where a few prototype interactions were developed

then went through user testing and feedback,

which went through a few iterations.


Wireframing, feedback, revisions.

High fieldetly wireframes were designed then tested

final feedback was given through participants in testing

which helped to developed a robust design for mock up.

Goal Of Product

The objective for creating a mobile prototype of a food application: sprightly salads. The application was designed to fit the needs of 29-42 year old professional women who buy lunch weekly from Sprightly Salads. The current lifestyle of this demographic enjoys healthy eating, lives an active lifestyle and has an interest for social stimulation.

Target Audience

User Profile

a persona profile overview of target audience

User needs

Creating an application that aims to enable the targeted audience to: order lunch in advance, prepay by saving card information in the app and personal details and also save order history for convenient re-ordering.

By focusing on the previously mentioned goals sprightly salads mobile app can decrease waiting times by creating pre-ordering options that allows the target audience to place their order prior to pick up, pay in advance and have an estimated time for when they should head to the store to pick up their order.
Through implementing an order history feature, favourites link and referral discount, Sprightly Salads can aim to increase order volume by providing a convenient experience for users at their fingertips and potentially increase customers by reaching secondary and tertiary audiences such as young mothers and health conscious students through word of mouth and referral code discounts.


Some iterations were developed based of high level issues found in the testing results. A digital prototype can be view below:

a chart of usabiity test findings Prototype